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MUOS: We ask you to stop M.U.O.S., this lethal and pro-war instrument.

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General Assembly of Mediterranean Society of Comparative Education (ME.S.C.E.)*, met in Hammamet, Tunisia, on 3rd October 2012.

Open letter to US President Barack OBAMA

Dear US President Barack Obama:
We, Mediterranean educators and researchers in Education, met in Hammamet, Tunisia for the 6th ME.S.C.E. Conference, express our deep concern about the US Navy’s project to install in Niscemi, Sicily, the Mobile User Objective System (M.U.O.S.), because:
1. that super-radar responds to the very idea that US needs to menace the Mediterranean peoples to maintain “peace” and “security” in the area;
2. the only functioning of the M.U.O.S., in addition to the other, already functioning US radars in Sicily, is simply lethal to the Sicilians, as a recent, hyper-qualified research from Turin University, linked with MIT, Massachusetts, scientifically and unequivocally demonstrated.
The civil society in Sicily already mobilized with manifestations of concern and protest; physicians collected sad stories of US and Italian soldiers, in service in Niscemi, already struck by cancer and leukaemia. A petition with 16.000 signatures is growing, even through the website of Avaaz, a qualified international Organization for Human Rights, to take the issue at the attention of the top relevant Institutions. In truth, Italy, Europe and the Arab World should take the most serious interest in the matter as soon as possible.
Dear President Obama, we use to appreciate your efforts for implementing democracy and mutual understanding among all the peoples on this Earth. Moreover, we acknowledge that your previous political action has played a pivotal role in provoking what we now call the “Arab Spring”. After all, if we are now here in Tunisia to do our job is just because a new and positive phase of the “Dialogue Among Civilizations” has been opened. You have been rightly awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. We, Mediterranean educators and researchers are enjoying and implementing this new phase of mutual confidence that you enormously contributed to create, on liberating a new and great potential for developing global democracy.
Like you, we are strongly convinced that education and culture are the two authentic, human and democratic weapons for overcoming the obstacles to the implementation of peace and prosperity on this Planet.
Like you, we are strongly committed with peace and mutual understanding in this region and beyond, through the intercultural dialogue.
For all that we are sure that you are sharing with us the concern about the monstrousness of the US Navy’s project to over-militarize Sicily, the pearl of the Mediterranean, where our Society ME.S.C.E. was born in 2004 - a Society that successfully organized in 2007, in Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina), the XIII World Congress of Comparative Education on the very theme of the Intercultural Dialogue.
We ask you to stop M.U.O.S., this lethal and pro-war instrument.

We ask you to encourage us to pursue our delicate, educational activities here in the Mediterranean, in a climate of peace and mutual confidence, guided by the idea that true security is the fruit of the dialogue only.

President Barack Obama: YOU CAN!

First signature: Giovanni Pampanini, first ME.S.C.E. President, 2004-2006 (Italy)

* MESCE is a constituent society of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies, which is an NGO in Operational Relations with UNESCO.


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